Who We Are:

Heritage Treasure Trove Communications Limited, Trading as HTT Communications, and/or HTTCL is an integrated Communications Company. We are a duly licensed company with a global outlook – RC1124755. We provide a rich portfolio of Specialist services on a local, regional and global scale. Our innovative approach helps build relationships and forge opinions, delivering across a wide range of audiences and influencers.

Our Vision

To be a quintessential embodiment of media and communication

Our Mission:

To create, develop or distribute quality life-transforming and trusted materials/resources, maximizing the impact of these materials/resources such that we position ourselves to become positive change agents in our society…Breathing life to the tiniest of thoughts.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

  • We are owned and managed by publishers, Brand experts, Multimedia experts and Management professionals, who are equally financial investors. We take the long-term view rather than being influenced by short-term financial results or goals.
  • We offer global Communications services on a human scale—large enough to have the capabilities of a multinational company, but small enough for individuals, authors, editors, societies, and colleagues to influence our direction.
  • We possess an unmatched core competence in global marketing.