As an independent international publisher of journals, books, newsletters, magazines, script and electronic media. Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, we are experts in our chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets. We publish books, commission literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works. Our highest priority is to make any contact you have with HTT Communications —whether as a book author, editor, a customer, or a reader— a pleasant and rewarding experience.

HTT’s publishing philosophy is based on three principles:

  • Relationships — We depend upon the experience and expertise of the authors, editors, learned societies, colleagues, and vendors with whom we work.
  • Vision — We focus on anticipating and delivering what our customers want.
  • Excellence — We are committed to quality in all that we publish and in all that we do.
Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish HTT’s publishing, across all of our programs. Our products include:
  • Journals at the forefront of knowledge, contributing to the disciplines of the future, and delivered in varied electronic and print formats
  • Academic and reference books with breadth of vision and valued content
  • Innovative teaching texts for college courses
  • Professional books reflecting practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges
  • We promote, encourage and support the dissemination by all means, including lectures, writing, printing, recordings, documentaries, and transmission by radio, television and multimedia, knowledge and information relating to every form of art, entertainment and communication
  • We take up, administer or acquire copyrights, performing rights and other intellectual property rights in literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works and other copyright subject matter and other tangible property, to grant and take licences in respect of such rights and to receive and pay royalties in respect of such rights.


If you are searching for that creative graphic design to enable your company achieve its corporate branding & promotional objectives? HTT Communications provides that expertise with Logo Designs, Ad Design (Magazine Ads, Flyers, Posters & Banners) & Corporate Identity Branding (Business Cards, Gift items, Letterheads & Corporate Stationery). We handle Digital Graphics design on all touch points: Print and video, Web & Mobile


Driving brand and consumer engagement through insightful social media strategy and cutting-edge new media initiatives. We take on the responsibility of advocating for our clients on all social media platforms. We create and manage all your social media networks (Facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram etc.) pages and accounts. Also, we take on from your already existing accounts and manage them. Our aim is to popularize your brands through our Social media marketing tools, incurring for you volumes of engagements online.


We help develop and write content for internal and public media communications including Internet, video, print, and email. We also create strategies to strengthen for our clients. We deploy a smart approach to ensure all critical information and promotional messaging is created and effectively communicated to the proper audiences throughout the various phases of the project (scoping, sourcing, implementation, evaluation, etc.). In addition, we help put in place the right communication plan with the adapted media, for various phases of the project.


We handle everything from Presidential to product launches and staff events. We conceptualize and organize launches, banquets, press conferences, musical events, theme functions, trade delegations and product launches. You can leave it all to us. We conceptualize the event, find and book the venue, help build and manage the guest list, design and issue invitations, manage the RSVPs, arrange the décor, the catering, the sound and lighting, the special effects and the MCs. We even write the speeches if required and invite media and write and issue the media releases and thank you letters to guests after the event. Our events department serves our existing clients but also undertakes stand-alone work for its own clients.


We provide planned, proactive, measurable Training programs using our proprietary method which segments audiences and channels to deliver breakthrough communication. Our method allows us to use all appropriate tools – both media and non-media – to reach audiences and change minds and behavior. Creating and executing business-building strategies and programs with a commitment to positive social and environmental impact on the enterprise and managing sensitive issues to build and protect corporate reputation.